Neural Risk Management

Neural Risk Management was established in 2002 with an objective to carefully research the financial-banking market and find the most suitable risk management solution for both lenders and consumers.


Scoring is not just about risk assessment, it can be used for:

  • Acquisition risk and fraud - Credit Scoring and Fraud Scoring
    • Objective assessment of risk at point of application
    • Focus the lender expertise on marginal cases
    • Make decisions rapidly and with confidence
    • Improve bottom-line profitability
  • Behavioral and Collections - Proactive control of existing customers
    • Optimizing collection and litigation procedures
    • Optimizing credit limits to promote fair and responsible lending
    • Identifying transactional fraud and bad debt
  • Cross-selling products and services - Customer retention and portfolio management
    • Unlock potential revenues from existing customer portfolios
    • Build relationships and retain long-term loyal customer by cross-selling
    • Predict the loss of value customers through churn/attrition
  • Marketing applications - Understand customers motivations and focus marketing spend:
    • Accurately profiling the right customer for targeted marketing campaigns
    • Assessing market response
    • Pre-screening for credit risk

Traditional scoring procedures - areas of concern:

  • Rely on relatively few important items of the applicant data;
  • Not all relevant data is usable;
  • Subjective decisions with wide broad scoring parameters;
  • Interactions in the data are not taken into account;
  • May not represent your customer or business objectives

Neural Scoring - significantly more reliable results:

  • Emulates the way the human brain works;
  • It has the capacity to learn from experience and apply what has been learnt;
  • A neural system decision is purely objective and not subjective;
  • It can understand relationships between variables hidden deep within data;
  • The ability to cope with little or incomplete data;
  • It develops highly accurate scorecards and models.

Neural Risk Management proposes one of the world's most advanced solutions for telecom fraud combating.