Neural Risk Management

Neural Risk Management was established in 2002 with an objective to carefully research the financial-banking market and find the most suitable risk management solution for both lenders and consumers.

Products & Services

Neural Risk Management provides highly accurate scorecards using state of the art technology with statistical and advanced neural modeling approaches. Neural networks are now globally recognized as the most effective form of advanced pattern recognition in the category of those based on artificial intelligence technology.

Neural Risk Management offers the following products and services:

  • Scorecards and specialized analysis
    • Database consistency analysis
    • Generic scorecards
    • Specific scorecards
    • Existing scorecard refining
  • Fraud Management Systems:
    • Telecommunications Fraud Management System
    • Transactional Fraud Management System

Card fraud worldwide requires continuous updates in the security measures and procedures with a special focus on fraud and it’s potential. Neural Risk Management’s solution, Minotaur™, is able to combat and manage sophisticated and evolving types of fraud, tackling and eradicating frauds such as 'card not present', lost or stolen, skimming, application, counterfeiting, etc. within fractions of a second.

What is scoring ?

Credit scoring uses applicant/ customer data to assess statistically the likelihood of a positive outcome to any financial risk, for example, if an applicant can actually afford to repay a loan.

In order to best respond to the ever increasing credit demand, credit scoring systems have evolved to become an integral part of the credit granting processes.

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Telecom Fraud Management

In today's marketplace, telecommunication companies must keep one step ahead of real and potential fraud.

Neural Risk Management proposes one of the world's most advanced solutions for telecom fraud combating.

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Transactional Fraud Management

With over 4 million active cards issued to date, the Romanian card market is one of the fastest growing in the region.

Card issuers in Romania are now concentrating their efforts to promote wider card applicability and move towards credit and e-commerce.

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BASEL ll Compliance

BASEL II is an international accord regarding International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards.

BASEL II accord sets flexible and advanced rules for minimal capital requirements.

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Scoring is not just about risk assessment, it can be used for different purposes as well

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Neural Risk Management has developed a tailored package of scorecard development and data analysis services addressing a large number of industries and market sectors.