Neural Risk Management

Neural Risk Management was established in 2002 with an objective to carefully research the financial-banking market and find the most suitable risk management solution for both lenders and consumers.

Basel II compliance

BASEL II is an international accord regarding International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards.

BASEL II accord sets flexible and advanced rules for minimal capital requirements for:

  • Credit risk:
    • Standardized approach
    • Internal Rating Based Approach - IRB
  • Market Risk
  • Operational risk
    • Standardized approach
    • Advanced approach

The proposed framework for Basel II compels the supervisors to ensure that the banks implement credit rating techniques that represent their particular risk profile. Neural Risk Management is currently meeting this objective in its deliveries to financial institutions.

Concomitant with any specific scorecard developed Neural Risk Management provides its customers with detailed analysis needed for BASEL II specific calculations.

Neural Risk Management proposes one of the world's most advanced solutions for telecom fraud combating.